Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Assignment #6, Written and posted 10/6

Safiya Martinez
CW 602—Assignment #6
Professor Roy Conboy

TEACHER is hiding in her locker. It is a tall footlocker, and allows her to stand in it fully upright. It is the day before her birthday, and she just made it—but barely through an afternoon class. She is calling one of her closest friends for to air out.

“… No… they all left. It’s just me… I’m okay. I’m fine.
I just… Can you meet me for coffee? Thank you so much. I really need to see you.
Can you bring some weed? Whatever. You I don’t smoke but—I could eat a burrito, or no some chimichangas and like a margarita or something. You could spark in Tompkins, and by the time we walk West Side we’ll both want to eat something.
…No, I don’t need you to pick me up. It’s just that tomorrow is my birthday, and I just needed to have a good day. I—Oh shit—what? No, I thought I heard someone coming.
…Do I want to talk about it now? I’m sick of talking about it, this is my third year and I should be good by now. That’s all I want. Not all I want, but I just feel kind of crazy right now. I’m not crazy? Are you sure? I’m in my fucking locker, pretending I’m not here so I don’t have to work afterschool.
…I know… I know… I’m just so tired, Zany.

The knocks at the door were not imagined, and TEACHER steps out of the locker. A student named JOHN enters. He opens the locker, and finds his TEACHER sitting inside.


Zany—I have to call you back—Bye.

Listen, I just wanted to say sorry for acting like that in class.

Thank you John… and it’s good that you came back, but when are you going to stop? Everyday it’s the same thing. And you know better— ”

“And tomorrow I’ll do better.”

It’s that easy? Tomorrow you’ll do better?


TEACHER exhales, exasperated.

Okay, then I’m holding you to that. And I’m not doing behavior contracts, or calling your advisor or any of that. It’ll be straight kick-outs. Do you understand?

That’s light work. I got this. Okay?
…I’ll be here early in the morning to take those notes. We cool?

When I see the new start, yes.

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